INSIDERTIPP: As a recipient of our INSIDERTIPP, you will be informed about exciting properties 7 days before they officially go on the market. Members can register exclusively for the first 7 days for the first viewing appointments. The individual regions can be adjusted or deselected at any time.

You are already a property owner and not interested in the INSIDERTIPP? Do not select an INSIDERTIPP region below. You will receive all other member benefits and will not be sent an INSIDERTIPP.

Previous subscribers of the INSIDERTIPP, who are not members of the Grundeigentümer Verband Schweiz, will now only receive the INSIDERTIPP Light. This does not contain detailed sales documentation and the 7-day exclusive booking of viewing appointments is not possible. If you register now as a free member, you will receive the Insidertipp directly in the future and the delivery of the Insidertipp Light will be deactivated. New registrations for the INSIDERTIPP Light are not possible.

Important: You will immediately receive an email for confirmation. If you do not see an email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.