Financing certificate for real estate buyers

Are you looking for real estate in Switzerland? A financing certificate from the Swiss Property Owners Association gives you a competitive edge over other buyers.


  • It enables you to proactively confirm your solvency/financial strength to the seller and thus strengthen your negotiating position.
  • You can act faster than the other buyers.
  • You benefit from attractive interest terms and save money.


To issue your personal financing certificate, we conduct a comprehensive financing discussion with you and confirm your income and asset situation. The discussions take place by telephone, online (via Google Meet or Zoom) or on site.

In addition to providing you with the required documents, the entire procedure will only take around 15 minutes of your time. After receiving all required documents and conducting a financing discussion, we will issue your personal financing certificate within 24 hours. Your answers will be treated confidentially.

Please note that, as a matter of principle, we only issue financing certificates that correspond to the economic circumstances and your actual purchasing power. The issuance of the financing certificate is free of charge for members.



Your contact

Sven Ortega-Bieri
Head of Financing / Member of the Executive Board

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