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The Swiss Property Owners Association is the free and dynamic association for all property owners in Switzerland and those who would like to become one.

Without any political agenda, we support the members of our association throughout the life cycle of the property with always the leitmotif “Invest smartly in real estate” in mind. From targeted acquisition through prudent holding to optimised sale.

To become a member, nothing could be simpler: register online at propertyowner.ch and immediately take advantage of free or especially discounted services, often exclusive. Membership is free and you can withdraw at any time.

Our properties

 Income property
In Pfäffikon verkaufen wir eine beeindruckende 4.5 Zimmer Eigentumswohnung mit zwei Terrassen und einem Wintergarten - so erholt man sich heutzutage von der Hektik des …
1.390.000 Pfäffikon
In der höchstgelegenen Stadt Europas verkaufen wir an zentraler Lage einen wertvollen Beitrag zur zeitgenössischen …
3.980.000 Davos Dorf
Flächen- und Lagefanatiker kommen hier auf die Kosten: 173 m² Wohnfläche (217 m2Nutzfläche) verteilt auf zwei Wohnebenen und 4.5 oder 5.5 Zimmer. Diese Dachwohnung hat …
1.700.000 Binz

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Association members, in cooperation with our experts, can increase the value of their property prior to the sale and thus optimise the net proceeds, in most cases substantially.
Examples of value enhancement measures that are financed by the Swiss Property Owners Association, and integrated into the purchase price: building survey, home staging targeted renovations such as new flooring or painting , property guarantee, energy or electrical certification.