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Michael Bucher

Managing director

+41 58 310 10 12


Education Eidg. dipl. Immobilientreuhänder
Professional Experience Insurance
My first job
Help in a fishery
My first car Mazda 323 with pop-up headlights
My family Married, 3 children
The talent I wish I possessed Playing piano
My place of peace Mountains

Richard Auf der Maur

President of the board

+41 58 310 10 11


Education Dipl. Immobilienökonom FHSG, eidg. dipl. Finanz- und Anlageexperte
Professional Experience Banking
My first car
Audi 100 CC Avant Quattro, I still regret selling it
My place of peace Schwanau island
My motto Risk is a function of knowledge
Favourite book Dr Goalie bin ig
Favourite travel destination Sydney

Marco Kläy


+41 58 310 10 13


Education Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter HF
Professional Experience Banking (UBS, Postfinance), Startup (u.a. Atizo)
Favourite food Asian and indian cuisine, tapas
Best city in the world London and Bern
My motto Irgendeinisch fingt ds Glück eim!
The talent I wish I possessed Play the guitar and sing
My favourite book Anything about Great Britain

Adrian Minder

Member of the board

+41 58 310 10 10


Professional Experience Architecture
The talent I wish I possessed
Playing the piano
(preferably a Steinway & Sons)
My first car Toyota Starlet
What I would love to be for a day A falcon
My biggest extravagance I like to wear colourful socks
Favourite travel destination Always the next one

Stefan Rohrer


+41 58 310 10 14


Education Eidg. dipl. Verkaufsleiter
Professional Experience Insurance
My money weakness
My first car A red Peugeot 306
My motto Mit Begeisterung sein Umfeld für die Sache gewinnen
My place of inspiration Nature
Recreation Gardening and cooking

Georges Kiener


+41 58 310 10 39


Education BA Economics and Finance, MBA INSEAD
Professional Experience L’Oréal, Harley-Davidson, BARNES International Realty
Favourite food Anything cooked by Franck Giovannini of the Restaurant Hôtel de Ville (Crissier)
My favourite city Venice
My motto The best or nothing
My favourite artist Ferdinand Hodler

Sven Ortega-Bieri

Head of mortgage solutions & partnerships

+41 58 310 10 41


Education Dipl. Bankwirtschafter HF
Professional Experience Banking (Raiffeisen, UBS)
Favourite food Hörnli mit Spiegelei
My most exotic food  Zarb, a Bedouin Barbecue in the Jordanian desert
My motto Die Zukunft hängt von dem ab, das Du heute tust
My place of inspiration Our camper: little room, few things, unlimited possibilities

Urs Ruprecht

Senior Portfolio Management

+41 58 310 10 22


Education Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter HF
Professional Experience Insurance, Tour guide
My place of inspiration
Sun, in the mountains or by the sea
My car British, sporty, open and loud
Favourite food  Asian, meat, red wine
Recreation Sport: In the past nearly everything. Today still tennis, golf, snowboard, salsa and anything with wheels.

Pascal Zatti

Head Legal

+41 58 310 10 17


Education MLaw, CAS Immobilienbewerter und management FH
Professional Experience Law, Real Estate
My place of inspiration
By boat on Lake Neuchâtel
My fist Job Bartender in a smoky (was still allowed at that time) Bern bar
Favourite food  Italian and Asian
My motto Walk paths that no one has walked before, so that you leave traces behind and not just dust

Michael Schweizer

Portfolio Management AVOR

+41 58 310 10 21


Education Kfm. Angestellter / DH Angestellter mit FA
Professional Experience Retail & Wholesale, Administration, Real Estate
My motto
Even the longest march begins with the first step
Favourite food Everything prepared by myself
Recreation Photography, hiking, cycling, cuisine

Marco Noth

Portfolio Management and Brokerage

+41 58 310 10 10


Education Immobilienvermarkter mit eidg. FA i.A.
Professional Experience Real Estate
Favourite food Mediterranen cuisine
My first car The peugeot 106 of my grandfather
Favourite travel destination Every calm beach
The talent I wish I possessed Speaking all (7’000) languages of the world

Florence Hirschi


+41 58 310 10 10


Education Immobilienvermarkterin mit eidg. FA,
CAS BFH in Immobilienbewertung
Professional Experience Real estate
My money weakness
My horses
Best city in the world Dubai
My peace of mind Sea diving
The talent I wish I possessed Reading thoughts

Mireya Estermann


+41 58 310 10 10


Professional Experience Geschäftsführung in der Sportgastronomie
My place of inspiration
Lake Lucerne
My favourite book Pride and Prejudice
My favourite movie Forrest Gump
My motto Behandle jeden so, wie du selbst behandelt werden möchtest.
My great experience The birth of an elephant

Melanie Kägi


+41 58 310 10 10


Education Kauffrau EFZ mit Berufsmatura
My motto Leave nothing untried
My great experience Field of Light in the middle of the australian desert
What I would like to experience Travelling the whole world
Sport activities Badminton, table tennis and fitness
Favourite music Latin and charts

Layla Corbetti

Head of Backoffice

+41 58 310 10 19


Education Immobilienvermarkterin mit eidg. FA i.A.
Professional Experience Real Estate
My place of inspiration Airport Belp – pure feeling of freedom
Best city in the world Vienna and Bern
As a child, I dreamed of becoming A paramedic
My first car An Audi A3 in a hideous light blue
My motto Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game


Philemon Gyger

Portfolio Management

+41 58 310 10 37


Education BSc Betriebsökonomie FH
Professional Experience Real estate
My childhood hero
Zinedine Zidane
My place of inspiration The mountains
My money weakness Football travel
Recreation Football, Unihockey, Skiing

Christopher Sileno


+41 58 310 10 24


Education Zeichner EFZ Fachrichtung Architektur
Professional Experience Architecture
Favourite food Pasta al Sugo
My first car
Toyota Celica 2000
My motto Stay positive
The talent I wish I possesed Sense of rhythm would be super
My place of peace At the beach

Colin Morales


+41 58 310 10 16


Education Zeichner EFZ Fachrichtung Architektur
Professional Experience Architecture
Favourite food Sushi
My first car
Recreation Salsa, Powerlifting
Favourite band Rainbow Kitten Surprise
I am fascinated by Foreign cultures

Raul Blanco


+41 58 310 10 33


Education In Ausbildung zum Kaufmann E-Profil
Recreation Spending time with my family and friends
Favourite food Paella from my Abuela
My favourite place Malaga and Bern
My motto Fange nie an aufzuhören und höre nie auf anzufangen
The talent I wish I possessed Flying

Alisa Berisha


+41 58 310 10 42


Education In Ausbildung zur Kauffrau E-Profil
Professional Experience Hotelfachfrau
Favourite food Pasta
Best city in the world Luzern
My motto Wennschon, dennschon!
The talent I wish I possessed Being able to sing
What I would love to be for one day A penguin

Nina Barth


+41 58 310 10 28


Education In Ausbildung zur Kauffrau E-Profil
Favourite food Grandma’s Lasagna
As a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut
My place of inspiration Everywhere with a stunning mountain views
My first car Is a motorcycle, a BMW G310 R
My great experience The view from Mt Taranaki, New Zealand

Ylva Peter

Brokerage and Backoffice

+41 58 310 10 23


Maturität am FGZ
Favourite food
Goulash with mashed potatoes
Favourite city
My greatt experience Whitehaven Beach in Australia
My favourite book Bilder deiner grossen Liebe
The talent I wish, I possessed Flying

Anh Thu Nguyen


+41 58 310 10 10


eidg. dipl. Finanzplanerin (FA)
Professional Experience Banking
Best travel destination
My favourite book Das Herzen hören
Playing grand piano and golf
Favourite food Asian