Customer Feedback

In order to receive genuine customer feedback, we use a tool, Swiss QualiQuest, to measure their levels of satisfaction.


We will find further customer feedback on Google, as well.

Selection of reference properties

The Swiss Property Owners Association accompanies approximately 300 real estate transactions per year. On the map below, you will find a selection of properties that were recently sold.

Example Sales Documentations

For each property, the Swiss Property Owners Association diligently prepares personalised and detailed sales documents. We systematically adapt them to the local language and can translate in one or more of the other national languages and in english, if necessary.

Current Offers

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Visit our properties from the comfort of your home, thanks to our virtual tool that enables you to see and take measurements in a 3D model of the property.

Our Home Staging Service

  • Home Staging Light
    Suitable for furnished properties. Your property is ideally staged for taking pictures and the virtual visit.
  • Home Staging
    Ideal for vacant units. Your property is entirely furnished and equipped by our team for the duration of the sale process.
  • Virtual Home Staging
    Demonstrate the full potential of your property through the illustration of a possible transformation project? Sun instead of clouds? Fire in the fireplace? Virtual Home Staging is great solution in many cases.
  • Drone photography

More information about Home Staging:

Guide: What is Home Staging?

Our Architecture Service

  • Floor Plan
    Are you missing floor plans? No problem, our inhouse architects can draw new ones for you.
  • Building Site Studies
    What type of projects can be done on your parcel? Is it worth tearing down the Single-Family house? Only the one that knows the full potential of their land, can make the right decision and create added value.
  • Renovation
    In our “All Inclusive” package, we help increase the value of your assets, thanks to meaningful and targeted renovation works, such as new flooring or a fresh coat of paint.


We are at your disposal to help you navigate your next steps.

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